Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Organ Standards: Loachfillet & ID M Theftable Split 2xCDR

Here's a new release from the swell folks in Toronto at Beniffer Editions. "Organ Standards" is a double cdr, split with music from id m theft able and Count Loachfillet, two of the strangest sound artists from the underground realm of obscurity. Located on opposite sides of the North American continent, they received a pair of digital documents containing original theatre organ music recorded in the 1950s by a relative of mysterious origins (hence the title: Organ Standards). From the east: id m theft able takes you on a bizarre ride with strange cut ups of looped organ sequences and glitchy rhythmic concoctions. At times, similar to the marching madness of the Residents, yet more lo-fi, with scruffier electronics and the occasional knack for mixing crunk jams and noise. Overall, a top notch blend of concret-organ salad and audio glitchiness. From the west: Loachfillet delves into the possibilities of oddball sound scapes, using the original organ material, noise generators and various field recordings to form a mixture of classic mid-20th century compositions. A three part voyage of extended meditations and well crafted sound collage. Subaquatic music that trails off into strange landscapes where decrepit automatons struggle within a century of rust brought on by that of a Charleheinz Ivehausen nightmare. A potent blend of organic electronics and ghetto synthesis; often resulting in layered compositions and sinister absorption. Carved within is the Antebellum Splendor that slithers through your speakers. This two disc set comes in a beautifully packaged multi-color silk screen booklet; hand printed by the Gastric dudes at Beniffer.

id m theft able: