Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tones of Mental Distress Eminate From the Worm Peril

Count Loachfillet began with dental architecture in Romania between the rise and fall of the Industrial Revolution in America. After his childhood nightmares evolved into adult gameboard stories, he managed a string of decrepit funeral parlors and slowly began to process sound with chemicals and materials within the nearby mortuary. His first experiments were done during lunch hours with drums of type O-negative blood, the coarse flesh of "lost" patients left in the refrigerator, and miscellaneous bottles and jars in the laboratory storage room. These first experiments were fruitless, bringing nothing but dry sound and very little life to the atmosphere. This all changed when he was locked in the lab over night on his twentieth birthday. There was no food to eat and no clean water, so he indulged in a bit of artists' blood used for the base of the embalmers' make-up and chewed on the carnage of a teenage female brought in that morning. The world began to spin and his inner organs did jumping jacks whilst groaning from right to left, in uneven patterns. Learning about chemistry in the Embalmers' Academy, he began to experiment and mixed the elements with the unused organs of victims brought in the day of that evening. The festering of blood and toxins, diligently strained from the gaseous overflow was more powerful than the finest forms of formaldehyde; which drove him to insanity within his chamber. From then on, he was locked in a tomb about the size of a modest out house, left in a cramped crypt, to produce sound effects for Ed Wood's B-grade films in Transylvania. As there was no formal way of exiting this tomb, his apprentice (The Egret Tepes) devised a vacuum tube system for expedient delivery of sound effects to the masters above ground. This worked for a few minutes until Egret had to co-manage the waste with the deliverables! So much for that vacuum funnel!

Now, it's all just fun and games as he disseminates upon the mire of modern human ears with tones of peril collecting the dry dust of tomb robbery as the centuries tick away.

Out Soon: Count Loachfillet's "Vampire in Orbit!" 3" CD.
A scientific approach to the aural fixations of vampires in outer space.

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5KfrDNoT7k

Photo: Lars Rover.

Pigs in the Ground

A duo consisting of Sharkiface and Loachfillet which began a few years ago, originally called Runny Dumplings. Their fist show was as a quartet, with Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia from Smegma. It soon progressed into something more disgusting and fierce. Inspired by the NecroSearch Society of Colorado, more commonly known as "the Pig People", who bury swine corpses and study the results to discern the whereabouts of clandestine graves. The data gathered from observing hog rot is used in many cases to solve ongoing murder mysteries. When the Pig People, a group of forensic pathologists,
toxicologists, geologists and geophysicists, organized a series of high tech crime investigations, they
became one of the most sought after teams of crime busters in the country. The music of Pigs in the
Ground gives aural life to the ideas behind such a cavalcade of scientific formalities and the morbid
absurdities it involves. The dark rattle of reality and sex appeal eminates through the musical structure
created by these two. Their debut release, entitled "Serum Feast", brings forth a collection of scorched
electronics and grim industrial soundscapes. It's an atmospheric feast of dark, distorted doom, wrapped in
a cavernous cyst. Imagine a pile of dried bones lodged far underground slowly boiling to the surface, with
pulsations of indigestible mucous and dust. Exposed to dry earth, with dirt settling around your head, you
sink into a moist grave, the smoldering catacombs of dissolution.

Pigs in the Ground will embark on a Dirty South / East Coast tour in August; accompanied, in part by Leslie Keffer.

Check here for updates: http://pigsintheground.blogspot.com/

Psicologicos Traumas on KFJC 01 | 06

Psicologicos Traumas started as a trio in the wee hours of January 29th, 2006, when cosmic apparitions become prevelent in Loachfillet's Worm Hole of West Oakland, California. The initial inkling of sound transpired from magnetic artifacts and kinetic mind links, generated by Joseph Hammer (Dinosaurs With Horns/Solid Eye), Albert Ortega (Slujun/Klaxon Hooves/Lopey Snapes) and Loachfillet (Mummers (Eype)/Pigs in the Ground/Diatric Puds & The Blobettes/Klaxon Hooves). From point to point, we process each others' sound through sources of our disgust and bring forth a single organism of psychological trauma. The audio result is much like the reaction a brain has when it encounters the fluids of a high grade stimulant.

The photos above depict a quartet with Ecomorti. This later became the basis of the initial trio, which then became the manifold to the current quartet. Since March, 2006 (Brooklyn, NY), the group includes Mitchell Brown aka Professor Cantaloupe.

There is a split LP with Replicock (Oblivia & Sharkiface, soon to be renamed) in the works for Anarchy Moon records,
and a full length cdr slated for release this summer by Fish Pies from the initiation recording sessions in January 2006. A full length LP is soon to follow. Thanks to Ryan Peterson, Dan Kletter and Lars Rover for the fun times in The Pit
Photo 1: Loachfillet | Joseph Hammer. (Photo: Lars Rover)
Photo 2: Loachfillet | Joseph Hammer | Ecomorti | Albert Ortega. (Photo: Lars Rover)

Loachfillet: "In Random Selekt, Volume II" 3" CDR

"Somewhere, lurking between the labels of mad scientist, creepy ghetto goblin and modern electronic composer is where you'll find the creature Loachfillet. His latest sonic ooze is crawling with sounds one feels deep within the curdles of their organs. The 3" cdr, "In Random Selekt, Volume 2", is one thousand eighty three seconds of aural stimulation. Listening brings metallic vibrations slipping crispily into the space where your head digests. Emitting shudders and throbs only a brain can hear, it simulates the feeling of your synapses firing metal balls into the endless electric fence atmosphere of consciousness. Sneaky and slick, the waves glide thru glass ear tubes and catch in the whirlpool of the mind. Inside your head cavity is a brine soaked fruitcake with exploding sonic raisins." -Sharkiface, 2007

OUT NOW: on Lattajjaa-267 of Finland.


Mummers (Eype) in the 25th Century

If your ears discern a collection of subtle organic tones, hatched by an onslaught of earthworms crawling under moist soil, or robotic industrial marches modulated by 25th-century electronic circuits and big-band wrecking balls—that is the sound of Mummers (Eype) slithering through the cement. Often riddled by ongoing evolution and fluctuation within its line-up, they've become an aberration of eccentricities, in which random nuances and abrasive overtones contribute to the many aspects of their primary unit. It is perpetuated by the fundamental repercussions of urban existence, and like any living organism, it's just a process of life and death. This particular organism was rooted within the bowels of downtown Los Angeles; where Mummers emerged in early 2001. Its inauguration, fueled by arguments and headaches, stemmed from a massive intake of liquid coffee beans and bus fumes. With this, they etched a double-sided mirror of hand-made CDRs through their Autometrik imprint. Beginning as a two-piece electronics and synthesizer duo, they quickly found interest amidst fellow escape artists in the area, thus adding several new elements and members to their line-up. Since then, it's been a constant, evolving cast of creatures and mutants, bringing amorphous background textures and living sound sculptures to life; all of this, in an attempt to feel out their daily interactions within the ongrowing concern of urban combat. Since late 2002, Loachfillet has uprooted from Los Angeles, and carried the (Eype) seed to San Francisco and Chicago, finally planting it in the expansive sprawl of West Oakland, where another breed of incessant industrial sounds terrorize the mind and manifest into new elements of repercussion.