Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mummers (Eype) in the 25th Century

If your ears discern a collection of subtle organic tones, hatched by an onslaught of earthworms crawling under moist soil, or robotic industrial marches modulated by 25th-century electronic circuits and big-band wrecking balls—that is the sound of Mummers (Eype) slithering through the cement. Often riddled by ongoing evolution and fluctuation within its line-up, they've become an aberration of eccentricities, in which random nuances and abrasive overtones contribute to the many aspects of their primary unit. It is perpetuated by the fundamental repercussions of urban existence, and like any living organism, it's just a process of life and death. This particular organism was rooted within the bowels of downtown Los Angeles; where Mummers emerged in early 2001. Its inauguration, fueled by arguments and headaches, stemmed from a massive intake of liquid coffee beans and bus fumes. With this, they etched a double-sided mirror of hand-made CDRs through their Autometrik imprint. Beginning as a two-piece electronics and synthesizer duo, they quickly found interest amidst fellow escape artists in the area, thus adding several new elements and members to their line-up. Since then, it's been a constant, evolving cast of creatures and mutants, bringing amorphous background textures and living sound sculptures to life; all of this, in an attempt to feel out their daily interactions within the ongrowing concern of urban combat. Since late 2002, Loachfillet has uprooted from Los Angeles, and carried the (Eype) seed to San Francisco and Chicago, finally planting it in the expansive sprawl of West Oakland, where another breed of incessant industrial sounds terrorize the mind and manifest into new elements of repercussion.

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