Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Psicologicos Traumas on KFJC 01 | 06

Psicologicos Traumas started as a trio in the wee hours of January 29th, 2006, when cosmic apparitions become prevelent in Loachfillet's Worm Hole of West Oakland, California. The initial inkling of sound transpired from magnetic artifacts and kinetic mind links, generated by Joseph Hammer (Dinosaurs With Horns/Solid Eye), Albert Ortega (Slujun/Klaxon Hooves/Lopey Snapes) and Loachfillet (Mummers (Eype)/Pigs in the Ground/Diatric Puds & The Blobettes/Klaxon Hooves). From point to point, we process each others' sound through sources of our disgust and bring forth a single organism of psychological trauma. The audio result is much like the reaction a brain has when it encounters the fluids of a high grade stimulant.

The photos above depict a quartet with Ecomorti. This later became the basis of the initial trio, which then became the manifold to the current quartet. Since March, 2006 (Brooklyn, NY), the group includes Mitchell Brown aka Professor Cantaloupe.

There is a split LP with Replicock (Oblivia & Sharkiface, soon to be renamed) in the works for Anarchy Moon records,
and a full length cdr slated for release this summer by Fish Pies from the initiation recording sessions in January 2006. A full length LP is soon to follow. Thanks to Ryan Peterson, Dan Kletter and Lars Rover for the fun times in The Pit
Photo 1: Loachfillet | Joseph Hammer. (Photo: Lars Rover)
Photo 2: Loachfillet | Joseph Hammer | Ecomorti | Albert Ortega. (Photo: Lars Rover)

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