Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pigs in the Ground

A duo consisting of Sharkiface and Loachfillet which began a few years ago, originally called Runny Dumplings. Their fist show was as a quartet, with Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia from Smegma. It soon progressed into something more disgusting and fierce. Inspired by the NecroSearch Society of Colorado, more commonly known as "the Pig People", who bury swine corpses and study the results to discern the whereabouts of clandestine graves. The data gathered from observing hog rot is used in many cases to solve ongoing murder mysteries. When the Pig People, a group of forensic pathologists,
toxicologists, geologists and geophysicists, organized a series of high tech crime investigations, they
became one of the most sought after teams of crime busters in the country. The music of Pigs in the
Ground gives aural life to the ideas behind such a cavalcade of scientific formalities and the morbid
absurdities it involves. The dark rattle of reality and sex appeal eminates through the musical structure
created by these two. Their debut release, entitled "Serum Feast", brings forth a collection of scorched
electronics and grim industrial soundscapes. It's an atmospheric feast of dark, distorted doom, wrapped in
a cavernous cyst. Imagine a pile of dried bones lodged far underground slowly boiling to the surface, with
pulsations of indigestible mucous and dust. Exposed to dry earth, with dirt settling around your head, you
sink into a moist grave, the smoldering catacombs of dissolution.

Pigs in the Ground will embark on a Dirty South / East Coast tour in August; accompanied, in part by Leslie Keffer.

Check here for updates: http://pigsintheground.blogspot.com/

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